If You Bought A Switch Months Ago During Quarantine, Nintendo Has An Important PSA For You

If you, like many others, bought your Nintendo Switch during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic and have not played on it much since you may want to take it out of your shelves and take a second look at them. Apparently, your Switch will require regular attention in order for it to stay healthy, even if you don’t play on it as regularly anymore.

Like an independent succulent houseplant, the Switch can survive relatively well by itself. But, even the hardest of cactuses will still need to be watered every now and then. Similarly, your handheld console has to be charged at least once every six months.

The Switch found an increase in popularity when the pandemic rolled around and many were stuck at home. Players scrambled to purchase their console in order to escape quarantine blues with relaxing games such as Animal Crossing. But as the lockdown slowly lets up, many have started to leave their quarantine companions to collect dust as they rush out to meet their friends and family.

In view of this, Nintendo has taken to Twitter (@nintendo_cs) to urge owners to power up their Switch again.

The tweet reads:

If the battery of your game console remains uncharged or unused for an overly extended period of time, it may become unchargeable due to its inability to hold a charge.

Please charge your system at least once every six months.”

This has prompted a wave of amusing responses such as, “We have to treat it like a pet,” or “It’s like when people don’t live in a house.”

But some owners are also concerned about overcharging their Switch batteries. Luckily, it seems that most products nowadays have a failsafe for this.

A stationary rock will start to develop mould; but, if the rock is in constant motion rolling down a hill, mould won’t be able to cling onto it. And like mould on a rock, the Nintendo Switch will develop problems if left with an empty battery for too long. This is the same for almost any other electronic device.

So do remember to take your Switch out every once in a while to charge and check up on it!

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