Humble Bundle Gives Black Game Devs A Boost With US$1 Million Funding Amid Riots

As the ongoing Minneapolis riots in the US continues to cause fear and uncertainty among the community, it falls on the rest of the country and the globe at large to give folks that little bit of hope and positivity.

Where various major companies offering moral support on social media, others have taken the extra step to provide relief to whoever needs it. Humble Bundle, for one, announced that it has raised a massive US$1 million in support of Black game developers looking to publish their games.

“We stand in solidarity to condemn racism and violence against the Black community,” said the above Twitter post stated by the company. “Humble believes in empowering and uniting communities through gaming and will leverage our platform to help achieve racial equity everywhere.”

In wake of all that’s happening, it is certainly a massive morale boost for many Black game devs especially in the US – and the gaming community at large – with the gesture put out by Humble Bundle.

More details about the funding and where it goes to will be announced at a later date.

This wasn’t the first time this year that Humble Bundle raised funds to provide relief to communities. In April, it raised a staggering US$6.5 million in its Humble 2K Game Together Bundle, with part of the proceeds going to COVID-19 relief efforts.