Hugh Jackman Teases Return To Wolverine Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s been three years since Hugh Jackman retired from the role of Wolverine, but his recent social media posts have fans wondering if the 52-year old actor will be making a comeback to the role.

Jackman took to Instagram to share a piece of artwork by popular artist Boss Logic that featured Wolverine’s iconic adamantium claws. Afterwards, he posted a photo of himself with Marvel head Kevin Feige.

Whilst Jackman has said that his days as Wolverine are truly over ever since the character’s death in 2017’s Logan, the X-Men franchise isn’t going away anytime soon. Feige confirmed at SDCC 2019 that the X-Men would eventually be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether or not Jackman may be involved in that is still unknown.

Social media posts like these have got fans wondering even more if the Australian actor is hinting at a comeback but until there are confirmed news from Marvel and the actor himself, fans shouldn’t read too much into it.

Regardless, Jackman will always be Wolverine in fans’ hearts and it would be very difficult to picture anyone else in the role.

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