First-Ever Flagship HP Experience Hub In South East Asia Fuses Online And Offline Shopping

The HP Experience Hub (X-Hub) is a retail experience that strives to smoothen the online-to-offline tech shopping process.

Physically, the flagship store itself is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in Pavillion Bukit Jalil. The X-Hub connects this flagship store with 82 stores spread across Southeast Asia, in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Come March, stores in Thailand and Vietnam will be part of the X-Hub as well.

HP Experience Hub

This online-to-offline experience involves customers engaging with HP Live Advisors through the HP Virtual Showroom through real-time video calls and chat functions in their preferred local language, so there is a personal aspect to help customers find just the right piece of tech for them. They will also be able to join livestreams on the latest HP products and see them being demonstrated.

Over the past two years, with a hybrid environment being extended to both work and play, the logical next step is to do the same for retail. The X-Hub thus aims to blend the best parts of shopping online and offline together.

HP Experience Hub

Beyond the online-offline blend of the Virtual Showroom, the physical X-Hub itself features interactive Test Drive stations which simulate scenarios and activities that the products will be used in, so customers can better gauge if the product is right for them. The Test Drive stations feature high-end consumer devices, gaming laptops, desktops and monitors, business-grade devices, and home and office printing. The X-Hub also has a café, personalisation services such as custom engraving and printing, and a repair drop-off area.

For those who want to visit the X-Hub, it is already open. Unfortunately, for those who don’t live in Malaysia, they’ll have to hope that a Vaccinated Travel Lane is available. For now, there is the HP Virtual Showroom though!