How To Buy Old Unlisted Games On The PlayStation Store With A Firefox Plugin

While digitisation has allowed many games to live pertually on the Internet, Sony prefers their fans to keep looking forward. They’ve recently made moves to remove games from their older consoles from their store.

Not that it really matters considering that PlayStation fans have discovered with a simple Firefox plugin to can gain access to an older version of the PlayStation Store to purchase older games that were thought to be removed.

Credits to VGC, a Firefox plugin ‘Valkyrie PS Store‘ uses an older version of the PlayStation web store from archive.org and allow players to access games that were previously hidden from view.

Do be mindful that this is a 3rd party workaround and users need to be mindful of the level of access they are granting the plugin.

The process is as follows –

  • Simply install the Valkyrie PS Store plugin on your Firefox browser
  • Enter the store using the PlayStation Store link and you should be able to see the old store (the extension also works on all store regions)
  • Login to your account using https://my.playstation.com

Here’s another video guide by Silica.

The PlayStation Store was updated back in October 2020 ahead of the release of PS5 and a handful of old PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games were removed from the web version of the store.

However, Sony had only concealed the links instead of removing them from the store completely as players report they’re still able to purchase these older titles using the plugin. It’s unlikely like this plugin will work much longer as PlayStation might pick up on this workaround.

Along the same thread, PlayStation has also recently decided to reverse their decision to phase out their PS3 and PS Vita stores formally.