Gundam Hotel Rooms Return With Marriott Hong Kong As Part of Mecha’s 50th Anniversary

Gundam fans rejoice! It looks like with global travel in full swing there are even more offerings for fans around the world. This time round, Hong Kong is looking to stoke the Gundam fanbase with Gundam-themed rooms at the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel.

The real highlight of booking these rooms would be the opportunity to grab hold of exclusive Gundam and Yatterman collectibles!

The hotel stay lines up nicely with the Ocean Park x Father of Gundam – Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition which is also taking place at Ocean Park from 1 April to 4 June. This means fans can enjoy all things Gundam from the moment they step into the park and ending off the day in a Gundam-themed hotel room.

There will be three themed rooms in total featuring Gundam & Haro, Yatterman, and Votoms.

We’re pretty sure that the biggest draw would be the Gundam & Haro but Yatterman and Votoms should have their own fans as well. It’ll be hard to compete with the iconic RX-78-2 but that’s just the way things go. We’re hoping that there might be a good balance of rooms to meet the demand as this probably would be quite the highlight for many travel-starved Gundam fans out there in the world right now.

Being able to live, breathe and travel and stay in a Gundam Hotel completed with a day out with a Gundam exhibition sounds like the perfect day for us geeks.

Bookings for the rooms are currently open and prices start from HK$2,500, and will last from 5 April – 4 July. It feels a bit short in our view but hopefully, if demand proves robust, there might be an extension on the cards. After all, Gundam Factory Yokohama will be standing tall till March 2024.

At the same time, it might be a good opportunity for us to revisit our Hong Kong Geek’s Guide to Toy Shopping once again!