Camera Hack Reveals Lisa’s Always Behind You In Kojima’s P.T., And It’s Terrifying

You know you did a good job with a demo when it is just as terrifying, if not more, than a fully made horror game.

Case in point, P.T, which has continued to terrify players five years after its release. The premise of the game is simple, players simply have to explore a haunted suburban house, investigate creepy events, and solve cryptic puzzles to progress. Each time a loop is complete, something changes in the corridor. Occasionally players might bump into the ghost Lisa which might trigger a jump scare, bringing players back to the start of the loop.

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P.T. - Lisa

Well, a discovery made by Twitter user Lance McDonald has just made the demo all the creepier. Ever felt like you were being followed whilst walking down the creepy dimly lit floors in P.T., well the feeling is entirely warranted as it turns out, Lisa is in fact following you wherever you go.

McDonald spent several months trying to patch PT before he managed to hack PT’s camera to show us this terrifying secret. 

“She’s always there… following you…” McDonald tweeted.

In a Tweet, we are given a clear glimpse of Lisa horrifyingly shaking and convulsing as she follows you around.  

We don’t know about you but knowing that there actually is a presence following us wherever we go, when all this while we thought there was nothing there, is immensely creepy. 

100% nightmare fuel right there. 

P.T. was released as a demo for Konami and Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project which ended up getting cancelled. Despite it only being a demo, it was widely regarded as being one of the scariest video games of all time, and it still is. Sadly, it is currently no longer available for download.