Henry Cavill Has Been Painting Warhammer Miniatures During Quarantine

It’s no secret that Henry Cavill is a huge geek in real life. After all, he nearly missed his audition for Man of Steel in 2013 while raiding in World of Warcraft, and played hundreds of hours on The Witcher 3 years before even being cast in the Netflix series of the same name. He’s even personally declared that the PC Master Race is the way to go. If there’s anyone who doesn’t need to prove their geek cred anymore, it’s him.

However, what many don’t already know is that Cavill is also an avid Warhammer fan. Yes, yes, we’ve seen him go on record talking about his love for the Total War PC game. But this time, we’re talking about the OG miniatures game by Games Workshop.

Recently, he posted a picture of him “polishing some old skills” by painting an Adeptus Custodes Warhammer 40K miniature on his Instagram, having had to stay at home amid postponements for The Witcher Season 2 and his other projects.

One of his “almost life long hobbies”, Cavill, like many geeks in the UK, is no stranger to the wonderful world of wargaming. After all, Games Workshop is based there, so naturally many folks would establish what the actor fondly describes as “plastic crack” as one of their prime hobbies.

And during these dark times, the 36-year-old found a way to rekindle one of his oldest passions, much to our glee.

Of course, the Internet being the equally passionate beast that it is, caught wind of Cavill’s painting antics and did up a rather well-done picture of him as the Emperor of Mankind (courtesy of Redditor u/CrypticBrush):

Now, if only Games Workshop and one of the big-budget studios would make this so!