Hasbro’s Transformers Siege Toys Are The Best Version of Your Childhood Come To Life

It’s one thing to watch Transformers, but it’s another thing to collect and play their toys. No matter how old you get, no matter what generation you’re in, the simple act of seeing the iconic robots in disguise turn from massive gun-toting mecha to Cybertronian vehicle and back is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

Hasbro’s Transformers toy line in tandem with Japanese toy brand Takara Tomy are some of the best-made 6-inch scale toys out there. Their attention to detail and faithfulness in adapting the toys from the animated and live-action shows never cease to blow our minds away. Just take a look at our review of the Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime for our opinion of the series as a whole.

From Left: Sixgun, Prowl, Starscream, Soundwave, Ironhide, Chromia.

This time, we proudly present to you their Transformers Siege Series toys. First released in February 2019, these Transformers are adapted from the upcoming War for Cybertron animated feature trilogy, slated for release on Netflix in 2020.

While we haven’t seen much about War for Cybertron yet, you can consider the Hasbro-Takara Tomy toys as your teaser for what’s to come. And, like their Studio Series counterparts, they look absolutely gorgeous. This is especially since their looks are heavily inspired by the original G1 Transformers, which is a plus for G1 fans.

The current lineup you see comprises of entries from Wave 2 (released April 27) and Wave 3 (May 31).

Starscream (Voyager Class, Wave 2)

Megatron’s second-in-command is definitely no pushover in terms of looks. In fact, we think he’s one of the best looking guys here! Sporting a G1-style colour scheme and look, his “basic” colour palette screams grade-A Decepticon. His banged-up paint job is deliberate (a running trend which you’ll see in the Siege Series), which gives you the impression that he’s seen quite a bit in the events of the Cybertron films.

His dual HPI Null-Ray Laser Launchers are detachable, and can be mounted on his arms, or under his wings when in his alternate tetrajet mode. And speaking of his alternate form, it’s a modern incarnation of the iconic aircraft he became famous for (besides his snivelling attitude, of course).

Soundwave (Voyager Class, Wave 3)

Starscream’s more upbeat (heh) Decepticon colleague, Soundwave, is the other Voyager Class entry in this lineup. Similarly, he boasts some really detailed (and really battle-worn) colours, but they’re vibrant enough to make him stand out from his peers. Also, his signature cassette-tape-inspired chest compartment can be opened, and outfitted with the Transformers Siege Series Micromasters Laserbeak and Ravage (sold separately), both of which can transform into cassette tapes for Soundwave’s sonic-based arsenal.

He’s equipped with his HI-KEP Concussion Blaster, shoulder-mounted LR-HD Sonic Cannon and EMTX Blitz Charge Blaster, as one of the most terrifying Decepticons around should. If you thought his bot form was terrifying, you should behold his hovercraft alternate form. That massive chassis may look blocky since it’s very G1-inspired, but the banged-up look and muted-down colours more than make Soundwave’s alternate form a sight to behold.

Ironhide (Deluxe Class, Wave 2)

Our first of the four Autobots in this lineup, as well as the smaller Deluxe Class Transformers. Ironhide’s hardy personality is personified in this Siege Series look. Among the lot, he feels the most G1, especially with how angular his look is. He comes with his iconic W-35 LR Doomblast Forge Launcher, which doubles as both a missile launcher and a badass hammer. He also transforms into a really hardy-looking Cybertronian van, upon which the missile launcher can be mounted.

Again, the battle damage paint can be seen across his body, which is a cherry to the icing.

Sixgun (Deluxe Waponizer, Wave 2)

This guy’s namesake isn’t some gimmick — just look at the amount of guns on this Autobot. Despite being much smaller than the likes of Starscream or Soundwave, Sixgun’s radical look more than makes up for his size. Also, his alternate form resembles more like an aircraft, despite being billed as a Cybertronian “tank”.

But what’s most unique about him is that he’s a Weaponizer. For those unfamiliar, Weaponizer Class Transformers have the unique ability to be modular, so you could literally take them apart and reassemble them to fit on other Transformers for an added cool factor. Just like how Ironhide with a shield to go along with his Forge Launcher hammer.

If there’s anything we learned from recent pop culture, it’s that you always need a shield to accompany a badass hammer.

Chromia (Deluxe Class, Wave 3)

The only lady in this group doesn’t make her a pushover in any way. Chromia was the first female Transformer ever, and is a badass Autobot in her own right. It is reflected in her streamlined design, and cool blue colour. Her RT-5 Anti-thermo Blaster mounted with the SR Hushfuze scope is her weapon of choice, coupled with a pair of EMP Grenades mounted to her sides. She transforms into a Cybertronian car, on the top of which her Blaster is mounted.

Prowl (Deluxe Class, Wave 3)

The final entry of this group is the Cybertronian police car/Autobot Prowl. His look is the cleanest since it doesn’t sport any battle damage. The light bar detaches to form the W-45 Acid Pellet Strikeblaster when attached to his gun. His transformation is one of the simpler ones, but his police car alternate form is definitely striking. Although his leg areas are something out of Mall Cop. Doesn’t matter, the G1-inspired look is definitely fine!

While this lineup of the Transformers Siege Series is by no means complete, and there are more Waves due to release later in the year, they are a taste of what you can expect should you pick up the Transformers Siege Series toys.

Next up: Ectotron (hopefully)!