BYGGLEK Is What Happens When LEGO And IKEA Kick Off Their Collaboration

LEGO and IKEA. Who could’ve thought. Two household names in the, well, household have finally put their foot forward in forming a super team-up with a new shiny new product line called BYGGLEK.

The two have actually announced a partnership last year, promising more avenues of “bringing people together over play”. It seems that BYGGLEK is the first among a slew of new things to come out of this collab.

One is all about building tiny furniture, and one is all about the best furniture for your buildings, so it makes perfect sense for LEGO and IKEA to do a collaboration. However, unlike your typical LEGO play sets, it seems BYGGLEK is a new LEGO-based storage option that you can play with and organise your stuff with at the same time.

“There’s a conflict between how grown-ups look at organising and how children look at the creative play. Every grown-up has stepped on a Lego brick at night time. But organising LEGO bricks the grown-up way also means ending the play sometimes,” said Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, one of the designers from LEGO Group.

“Adults sort by typology – socks going into one drawer and belts into another. Kids sort by story, clustering it into different pieces, where you can have a half-built space ship. And in that, you can find the one piece that you need. What if we could turn that perceived mess into something wonderful?”

“Bringing people together over play and enable more play are things that are key for both us and the LEGO Group based on our respective visions, missions and values,” said Fredrika Inger, Business Area Manager for Children’s IKEA in Sweden. “That is why we want to explore what can happen when we work together, trying to get more of the many people to say yes to play.”

LEGO and IKEA aim to officially launch BYGGLEK sometime in 2020.