Halo Series

‘Halo’ Live-Action Series Gets Season 2 Order A Month Before Season 1 Debut

The first season of the Halo live-action series is premiering on Paramount+ on 24 March 2022, and that won’t be the only season for the show. Fans will be getting more action from Master Chief going up against the Covenant because Paramount+ has already ordered a second season, just a couple of weeks after the trailer for the first season was released.

While the series won’t be part of the games’ canon, it is not yet certain if the show will follow the games’ approach of not revealing Master Chief’s face.

The next season will have a different showrunner, with David Wiener (Homecoming) taking over the role from Kyle Kane (The Last Ship). It may seem strange that Halo is getting a second season more than a month before the first season’s debut, but for big-budget series like this, it has become the norm. For example, Amazon renewed The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and The Wheel of Time before the first season started as well.

This is probably partly due to the sheer scale of the production, with sets, props, specific software, and more built for these series. A single season may not be efficient if a studio wants to make full use of these assets.