It’s no surprise some folks have a big issue with the Google Pixel 3 XL’s notch. Thankfully, there’s a way to remove it without any additional software or photoshop mastery. Do check out the video below –

If you need more textual instructions, this is how the steps look like to remove the Google Pixel 3 XL’s notch –

1. Open Settings.

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2. Scroll down and tap on System.

3. Tap on “About Phone”.

4. Scroll down and tap Build number seven times until you get a message saying that “you are now a developer.”

5. Head back to the main Settings page and type “notch” in the search bar. Tap on the result called Display cutout.

Or go to Settings – System – Developer options – and scroll down until you see Display cutout.

Select Hide. There are few options to pick from with only one clear alternative.

Enjoy your Google Pixel 3 XL without the notch which is actually not that bad when seen in person but I’ll be happy to remove it.

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