Google’s Pet Portraits Lets Users Find Artwork Doppelgängers Of Their Furkids

To many, pets are indisputably family. They are cute, beloved creatures that many owners take countless pictures of. Tapping into the nature of pet owners, Google is introducing the Pet Portraits feature. This is an additional bit of fun that pet owners can have with their furkids.

It is essentially a pet version of 2018’s Arts Selfie, which allowed users to find their artwork doppelgängers in a similar way.

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The feature is available in the Google Arts & Culture app, free on both Android and iOS. When a picture is taken using the app, the computer vision algorithm will identify the pet in the photo, crop the image, and place the pet front and center. Then, a machine learning algorithm will compare the photo with tens of thousands of artworks from museums around the world, and show users the most similar one.

The pet can be a dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, horse, rabbit, and more. Not only that, users can also tap on the result to learn more about each artwork and the artist behind it. This feature is both educational and fun, so try it out now!