‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’ Trailer Unites Titans In Epic Fight Against ‘Kong-Like’ Villain

Kong and Godzilla have been at each other’s throats, but things are set to change in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Instead of duking it out with the other, the two colossal titans will band together to fight against a common enemy: a terrifying threat led by an evil, Kong-type villain, promising an epic showdown.

A new trailer for the upcoming MonsterVerse flick highlights how time has passed after the events of the last movie, 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, showcasing Godzilla in all his spiffy, pink-ish glory. Kong, settling nicely into his role as the ruler of the Hollow Earth, now has a son and a new mechanical arm, but a rising power is hell-bent on challenging their existence and wipe out humanity.

Here’s the official synopsis, setting the stage for explosive action to unfold on the silver screen:

“The epic battle continues!” Legendary Pictures’ cinematic Monsterverse follows up the explosive showdown of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ with an all-new adventure that pits the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence—and our own.

“Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire delves further into the histories of these Titans and their origins, as well as the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while uncovering the mythic battle that helped forge these extraordinary beings and tied them to humankind forever.”

The creature feature is helmed by Adam Wingard, who previously directed Godzilla vs. Kong, and written by Terry Rossio, Jeremy Slater and Simon Barrett. Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, and Kaylee Hottle will reprise their roles as Dr. Illene Andrews, Bernie Hayes, and Jia, respectively.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Trailer

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire marks the 38th film in the Godzilla franchise – which began in Japan in 1954 – and the 13th entry in the King Kong series. It stomps into theatres on 12 April 2024.