God of War Fan Creates Masterpiece With Animatronic Mimir’s Head

It’s been a while since God of War took the gaming world by storm by giving us a perfect Kratos for the modern age, together with the memorable Atreus for a Hel-heim of an adventure.

While we eagerly await the sequel (and it is coming for sure) on possibly the PS5, newcomers and veterans are still celebrating the masterpiece by Sony Santa Monica. One such effort has given birth to one of the most amazing fan creations ever, an animatronic Mimir created by Bar-El Studio.

The Smartest Man Alive, Mimir played an important role throughout much of God of War, dispensing advice and interesting stories that brought the world to life like few games manage to do. Like his digital counterpart, this real-life creation has a movable mouth, eyes that glow, and even a rope that allows you to hang him the same way Kratos does.

The entire package is completed with the runes inscribed upon his head, which makes us really jealous that this will likely be a unique creation that only belongs with the creators.

If you have not experienced the joy of Kratos and Atreus’ journey, we found it to be “a true epic that is the crown jewel of the God of War franchise.”

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