Glam Up Your Fighter’s Dashboard With A Baby Yoda Bobblehead In Latest Star Wars: Squadrons Update

Arguably one of the best Star Wars games ever to have come out in recent years has to be Star Wars: Squadrons. But you know what’s better than gunning down enemy fighters in outer space? Gunning down enemy fighters in outer space with Baby Yoda at your side.

Yup, this super cute Baby Yoda bobblehead cosmetic upgrade is available as part of the FREE Mandalorian Supply Drop update coming to the game. This update comes in celebration of the upcoming premiere of the second season of the Disney+ series and features a slew of The Mandalorian-themed cosmetics, including a mini IG-88 for the dashboard, a Beskar steel hanging flair, and more.

However, it is worth noting that the Baby Yoda bobblehead is exclusive to New Republic ships such as the X-Wing and Y-Wing, so TIE Fighter pilots will have to swap sides in order to get The Child on their dashboards.

The Mandalorian Supply Drop update for Star Wars: Squadrons, well, drops on 28 October, two days before The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres on Disney+ on 30 October.

If you still need more Baby Yoda in your life, maybe get one of these lifelike animatronic figures from Hasbro?