Gintama x CRAFTHOLIC Collection Is Landing This October

While the Amantos have invaded Edo, the Yorozuya trio have invaded our hearts with their comedic antics and heart-warming adventures. Now get ready for a new invasion as CRAFTHOLIC promises to win over Gintama fans with Movic’s recently released Gintama x CRAFTHOLIC collection.

Who knew that something long and noodle-y could be cute and cuddly too! The huggable plushies are being given stylish makeovers with prints inspired by the hit-comedy anime series.

There are four different designs. A grey Sloth Bear with motifs inspired by the Shinsengumi, a pastel pink Rab Bunny with Yato Tribe prints, a purple Sloth Bear with Kiheitai motifs, as well as a pastel blue Rab Bunny with motifs based on the Yorozuya trio consisting of our three main leads: Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi. Each doll will be 20 x 18 cm in size and cost around 1,100yen (S$14.31) without shipping and tax.

Snuggle up with them, feed mayo to them or even turn them into your own personal Elizabeth, you now have your own special companion (er…pet?) to follow you around. They even look good strewn lazily across the sofa.

For those who might be seeking for other accessories, there are also kinchaku (cloth handbags) which are available in the same four prints.

The official manga for our favourite odd-jobs trio may have reached its conclusion, but that doesn’t mean the journey for us stops there. Gintama continues to live on in the hearts of and inspire many fans. The samurai comedy also continues on in the upcoming anime special that will premiere on dTV in early 2021.

The dolls and cloth bags are scheduled to be released around the beginning of October 2020 and pre-orders for them will end on 5 July 2020. They are just so darn cute and we can’t wait to get our hands on them, you can hop on over to the Movic store to pre-order yours too!

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