Ghostbusters-Themed Reebok Sneakers Teased Just In Time For Halloween

After Alien, Predator and even Minions, Reebok‘s collaboration game is strong when it comes to its movie-themed sneakers. Most recently, the company seems to be gearing up for a new range of kicks inspired by 1984’s Ghostbusters.

Recently, Reebok US put up listings for two items on its online store: a Reebok Ghostbusters Classic Leather and a Reebok Ghostbusters Ghost Smashers. While an official announcement has yet to be made, these listings all but confirm the existence of these Ghostbusters shoes.

Taking a closer look at the Classic Leather, it sports a predominantly khaki leather upper tinged with hits of black on the heel counter and a nametag with “Reebok” etched onto it on the lateral side, which is clearly a nod to the classic flight suits worn by the crew. The Ghostbusters logo can be found on the tongue, and moving down from there is a hit of yellow on the lace cage as a nice contrast.

Moving behind, one can find the iconic catch phrase “Who You Gonna Call?” etched onto the heel counters as another nice nod to the series. Below that is a yellow/black stripe pattern on the heel as a nice way to represent the Ghost Trap. And finally, a nice splat of lime green is found on the otherwise all-black outsole to represent ectoplasm.

The Ghostbusters Ghost Smashers, basically a movie take on the Ex-O-Fit Hi silhouette, on the other hand, seems to be a reference to an interesting combination of the iconic Ecto-1 and the Neutrona Wand wielded by the crew. The white leather upper comes with a streak of red running across the ankle to the lateral areas as a nice reference to the Ecto-1’s red streak near the back of the car. A tiny silver bullet-like attachment is found just under the streak to reflect the headlights of the vehicle, and the coloured tubes connecting to a green “slime” pump tank mounted on the back is quite something. The shoe also sports a dirty, weathered look as a nice touch too. The Ghostbusters logo, with colours reversed this time, is etched onto the black tongue.

References to the Neutrona Wand are seen towards the upper end of the shoe. These come in the form of a dial-like attachment just above the red streak, as well as a yellow/black striped pattern covering the Reebok logo and little circles on the other side to represent the energy indicators located on the strap.

And as a final cheeky nod to the film, the underside of the velcro strap reveals the “Who you gonna call?” tagline on one side, and the “We’re ready to believe you” hotline printed onto the other, so you know just what to do when there’s something strange in the neighbourhood.

Both sneakers will be available on 31 October via Reebok US, so here’s hoping it will land in other parts of the world at some point too.