Ghost Recon Breakpoint Features A Hidden Hideout

The Ghosts are up against it again in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, stranded behind enemy lines on the islands of Auroa.

However, a Ghost can only fight against the technologically advanced Wolves for so long. As revealed by IGN, the Ghosts can retreat to a village hideout hidden from the enemy.

Erewhon is a shelter for the Homesteaders, and serves multiple functions for the Ghosts. It is the central hub that tracks your progression, help evaluate objectives around the islands, and also a great place to put together a team for co-op and PvP.

This village will be amongst your first stops in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, according to executive producer Nouredine Abboud.

Expect it to play a huge role in the story, serving both narrative and gameplay functions as you interact with NPCs, purchase gears, and unlock missions. As Abboud put it, it is “the link between the information known by the players and displayed into the Objective Board, and the game itself.”

PvP will be available at launch, and the hideout will also be where you can start Raids when they become available.

[The hideout] is the basis also for the way you are going to be interacting with the game in the future.

We are the people who delivered Wildlands, with 19 updates in around two years – basically one update a month. So we have major plans for the future, we want to keep coming very often with updates, content, story, Raids, et cetera.

Up to 16 players can be in an instance of the hideout at a time, much like what we see in another Ubisoft title, The Division 2. You can chat with each player, see their profiles, form parties, and set off on adventures.

“It’s very important for us that we are able to have a game that is as social as possible,” Abboud added, and that “having a social hub inside the game is very important” to achieving that objective.

Friends can also be added to a “favourites list” that will let you see their avatars around your hideout’s Control table, its centre of operations, even when you are playing without them.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will officially launch on October 4 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Beta registrations for the game have begun, although slots are limited. You can pre-order the game to guarantee your Beta spot.

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