Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – All Archery Challenges Guide

If you have read our Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut review, you would know that Iki Island presents more activities for Jin Sakai to enjoy. Aside from charming even more animals, there is the Archery Challenges awaiting those quick with a bow in Ghost of Tsushima. Aside from bragging rights, it also rewards a Charm of Concentration, which extends the duration in which you can slow down time while aiming.

Even if you are not going to use the charm, it is still a lot of fun trying to hit lanterns within a set time limit. To help you get better at it, here’s our guide to mastering all the Archery Challenges in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

Guide To Mastering All Archery Challenges in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Before we even begin, there are a few things to take note of first. One is that you will have a much easier time with the upgraded Tayadori armour set, and it is also required to unlock the last challenge. Secondly, having the right charms equipped will make the process even easier.

Here is our preferred loadout for the Archery Challenges:

The main benefits of the armour set are the perks it brings for this activity:

  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 15% (30% at level 4; 45% at level 5)
  • Increases total concentration time by 1 second (2 seconds at level 4; 3 seconds at level 5)
  • Headshots restore a percentage of the concentration meter by 25% (50% at level 4)

To enhance your chances, the Charm of Efficiency sees a 15% increase to nocking and reload speeds. The Charm of Concentration is obtained the first time you complete a challenge, which increases the duration of your time-slowing ability. This will also be improved further as you do better for the Archery Challenges.

Get Silver (15 seconds) on all Archery Challenges before you think about getting Gold (7seconds).

Archery Challenge 1 – Raider’s Promontory

The first Archery Challenge near the starting area of the Iki Island expansions for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, just go from right to left, circling to the top.

You should be looking to activate Concentration before the last three lanterns.

Archery Challenge 2 – Southeast of Sentinal’s Peak

With lanterns strewn around the rocks, you can approach from either the nearer lanterns first or those that are more difficult. We chose to hit those on the right first, getting the harder ones out of the way before activating Concentration to make things easier at the end.

Archery Challenge 3 – Yahata Forest

Another straightforward sequence from side to side, the only lantern that can be a little more difficult is the one hanging higher than the rest of them. Line it up between the two lines when aiming and you should be home free.

Archery Challenge 4 – West of Zasho River

Verticality returns in this challenge, and it makes perfect sense to start from the left, downwards, and circle up to the right. You can always start with the highest lantern to get it out the way, and activating Concentration will help you nail those harder shots easily.

Archery Challenge 5 – Kidafure Battleground

Seemingly easy, the different lanterns at the houses on the right will be the main issues in trying to achieve the best timing. The Concentration ability will be key to getting rid of the last trio.

Archery Challenge 6 – Southwest of Weeping Mother’s Meadow

The only Archery Challenge that is all about range, this will require some fine-tuning and testing before you can get everything down to a science. Use the topmost line while aiming as your guide, and you will find things get a little bit easier even for the lanterns further away.

Archery Challenge 7 – Southwest of Sarubash

Head to the beach for this simple Archery Challenge, with both directions possible. However, if you can use the starting countdown timer to line up your shots for the furthest lanterns, the rest will be simple.

Archery Challenge 8 – Raider’s Memorial South of Buddha’s Footprints

This challenge is counted as a hidden one, simply because it does not show up on the map when you first visit. Listen to the raiders paying respect, and you will learn that they have a hatred for Tayadori.

Don the armour, watch their reactions, and get yourself ready for an easy Archery Challenge. With every lantern in relatively close distances, you just need to steady your aim for the one furthest away.

Finish all eight Archery Challenges with a minimum of Bronze ranking, and you win yourself a shiny new trophy. Of course, getting Gold will make your Charm of Concentration even more potent and make headshots a more likelier conclusion for your enemies’ lives.

If you are looking for more help on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, like the ‘Monkey See’ trophy, we have just the guide for you. Those interesting Wind Shrines can also be hard to figure out, so let us give you a hand as well. Otherwise, enjoy your time on Iki Island!

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