Get Your Chimichanga Fix With Build-A-Bear Deadpool

Everyone’s favourite Merc with a Mouth Deadpool is anything but cute, but his fourth-wall-breaking antics have made him an affable personality among Marvel Comics fans. Build-A-Bear aims to break that notion, with a new iteration of their iconic customisable bears in Wade Wilson’s likeness.


Recent depictions of the red spandex-wearing, katana-wielding, gun-toting mutant in the two Ryan Reynolds-led Fox movies in recent years have done quite the number on Deadpool’s popularity, seeing a surge of new fans flocking over to show their love for Deadpool.

Build-A-Bear takes that to the next level by enabling you to customise your own Bearpool, which comes all decked out in the iconic red-and-black getup, complete with Deadpool’s iconic eyes, belt, and two sheathed katanas attached to his back.

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As with any Build-A-Bear figure, you can customise Bearpool to your heart’s content, adding various articles of clothing and gadgets to personalise your own iteration of Wade Wilson in bear form.


Also, it’s keeping in spirit with Deadpool’s penchant to discard his dignity in favour of humouring his audience.

Now, if only there were darker options, such as a detachable head,or even a miniature Logan/Wolverine grave as seen in Deadpool 2, if one were to take things even further.

Whatever the case, you can grab your own Build-A-Bear Deadpool over at their online store now. It will only be available there, and will retail from £30 onwards.

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