Get To Play As A Self Aware Host In HBO’s Newest VR Game, Westworld Awakening

HBO has partnered up with VR game developer Survios to produce a new VR video game based on the futuristic sci-fi western Westworld. Titled Westworld Awakening, the game is now available on Oculus, Vive, Steam, and over 400 VR arcades.

Westworld Awakening

Westworld Awakening will be a narrative-driven, single-player stealth exploration VR game where players will assume the role of Kate, a host inside the Mesa facility who has become self-aware. 

Set during the events of Westworld season 2, players will need to navigate around the Delos labs and manipulate their surrounds to survive, with the help of the QA tablet. The Delos labs will be filled with numerous puzzles, hosts, and a serial killer named Hank who is out for blood. 

Westworld Awakening

According to The Verge who was given a chance to try out the demo before the game was released, players are able to walk and run around the game by simply swinging their arms instead of having to physically move around the room they are playing in. How fast you swing your arms will determine how fast you walk in-game. 

If you own a HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Vive Pro, then you can buy and try out the game right now for US$29.99.

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