Geekout: Our E3 2015 Predictions Roundup

We are about 2 weeks away from E3, the nexus of all gaming conventions, and like always, the rumour mills are busy churning away.

I sought the wise counsel of the Geek Culture editors for their E3 2015 predictions and they made some very interesting calls. In fact, they were so interesting, I had to break out this feature into two – one for educated guesses, and the other for crazy prophecies that might just break the Internet.

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But for now, let me present to you the ones we thought were most plausible.


“A Dead Space reboot. Just because I’m a fanboy.”


The last game in the series was… a bit of a letdown, considering the highs its predecessor achieved. Maybe a reboot is in the cards, with the current consoles allowing Visceral Games to continue reinventing the survival horror shooter, like the first game did?



“At least half the games presented at E3 2015, and scheduled for release in 2016, will get delayed until 2017.”



This is a tough one, because as much as it pains us, we encourage developers to take their time and make sure their games get the polish they deserve. And more major developers like Rocksteady and Naughty Dog are opting to do so, which makes this prediction a distinct possibility.



“More VR announcements that will fail terribly…for now.”


Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, Vive, and to a certain extent, Microsoft’s AR entry: Hololens – we already have more VR headsets than consoles. That said, we don’t expect the first wave of VR game announcements to completely revolutionise the interactive entertainment experience, but until we see one that does, we prefer to not hold our breaths.


Jonathan Leo:

“Gravity Rush 2 for PS4, with the Vita version cancelled and an announcement of the sequel to Double Dragon Neon.”


Both are critically acclaimed titles that deserve more recognition than when they were first released, and this is the perfect setting to unveil that they will be developed for current-gen consoles, with nice shiny new coat of paint.


Adan Jimenez:

“Mass Effect 4”


Even though BioWare has said time and time again that Commander Shepard’s tale is well and truly over, you’d be a fool to think it’ll be the last time we see our hero. Known for engaging and creating complex stories, BioWare have teased us with a first look at some conceptual videos last year, and promised to work hard to explore the further reaches of this giant pulsing galaxy they breathed life into. Recent tweets by a level designer also seemed to suggest that the action has been massively (see what I did there?) amped up. With such a long lead time, our money’s on some proper footage debuting at the show.


Michael Khoo:

“The next Mirrors Edge”


The little snippets shown at the conferences for the last 2 years were enough to whet our appetites. Officially announced as a reboot aiming to shed some light on Faith’s origin, this is slated to be released in less than 12 months. The only problem is we still have yet to see any gameplay footage. So when they do unveil it at the show, we want to see more of the futuristic dystopian city, and of course, more 1st person parkour action goodness.

So there you have it – our best guess on what to expect when the proverbial ball drops in 2 weeks.

Agree/disagree with the panel?

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Stay tuned next week for predictions that are just so far out, it might just happen.

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