Geek Review: The Last Friend

Friendship can be a powerful thing, leading people to do things that they might not otherwise do for those outside of family. And when that commitment is extended to pets like dogs, the urge to protect them gets ratcheted up a notch, and for The Stonebot Studio and Ludus Games, that relationship is well represented in their tower defence/brawler The Last Friend.

Brawling and tower defense in The Last Friend.

Players take on the role of Alpha, who is accompanied by the lovable chihuahua, T. Juan, which Alpha just so happens to understand. Both embark on a journey to figure out just what has happened to all the lovely dogs in the world and any mutant dognappers are going to regret ever hatching their harebrained scheme.

Yes, mutant dognappers.

With that outlandish plot driving your motivation in The Last Friend, the gameplay is less complicated in comparison. A split between building and combat phases, there is certainly enough to satisfy fans of both genres that have been mashed together.

Alpha is able to construct various defences in the form of turrets, shields, traps and more. Once the action kicks off, players can also contribute by kicking mutant butt together with the canine defenders. There is certainly strategy at play here, since you are limited in the hounds that you can bring into battle.

Different breeds will provide different benefits in The Last Friend, as the Newfoundland dog provides the healing passive ability, while the Tibetian Mastiff can give Alpha a much-needed boost in combat prowess. These are just some of the many different ways players can take down the mutant threat.

Resource management also becomes key, as the juggle to get the best defences while having enough resources to do so provides another layer of challenge. Getting your hands dirty is always encouraged to balance things out, with light and heavy attacks forming Alpha’s resistance against the mutants. 

As the enemies get more varied and offer different conundrums for players to solve, The Last Friend just about keeps things fresh without bordering on tedium. The occasional change in pace with special levels or boss fights that have preset conditions also help to keep Alpha and his pals on their toes in the adventure. 

In between dangerous encounters with the mutants, there are also opportunities for getting to know the motley crew you have put together. With T. Juan helping you to bridge the gaps with your dogs, one cannot help but feel even more protective of these helpful animals the further you progress in the game. 

The ability to rename these dogs should not be overlooked. Outside of its more obvious hilarious potential, it helps to strengthen one’s bond to these creatures, just as a pet would in reality.

Players can also upgrade the all-important RV at camp, toughening up its defences and extending its longevity on the road, allowing for your pals to stay in the fight just a little longer. The more scrap you are able to collect, the better it will be for your future adventures.

While the canine companions are obviously the big draw here, the overall aesthetic of The Last Friend is also a visual comfort. The various biomes all bring their own personality to the table, going from deserted barrens into lush jungles, all ripe for a showdown between the forces of good and evil.

The writing is also pretty fun, even if there really is not much narrative thread to go off on. There is always room for on-the-nose references here and there, and when you are getting these conversations between man and dog, the inherent charm of it is pulled out quite splendidly. 

Options aplenty in The Last Friend.

For what it is worth, The Last Friend is a decently sized romp through a post-apocalyptic future filled with mutant dognappers, lovable dogs, and a heroic journey in which all dog lovers would yearn to take. 

It might not be the best in show when it comes to the narrative side of things, but the fun and strategic depth, coupled with the extensive roster of canine companions, instantly makes The Last Friend a great addition to your gaming family.

The Last Friend is available on Steam for $14.50.



Charming and entertaining at almost every turn, there is just so much to love about The Last Friend, especially if you are a fan of dogs.

  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Story - 7/10
  • Presentation - 8/10
  • Value - 7/10