Geek Review: Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI 4000

When it comes to majestic weapons from geekdom, the one that stands out after nearly 30 years is the massive one that Ripley wields in Aliens, and the Khaos MXVI 4000 comes close in replicating that weapon of mass destruction.Yes, that makes it huge and heavy, but that moment when you unload 40 rounds on a poor chump? The feeling is priceless. And if you’re wondering why Nerf Rivals come in red and blue colours, it’s to distinguish which side you play for. But all the foam balls are yellow.

Unlike the pump action Rival Atlas XVI-1200 and the Rival Apollo XV-700, the Khaos is a battery operated blaster that unloads all 40 rounds in its massive magazine continuously. That also explains the weight, as the weapon itself is already big, but also requires 6 D sized batteries to operate. The battery chamber sits at the top of the blaster, and you need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the cover to the battery sleeve.

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Then there is the 40 round magazine that is really the size of a small paperback novel. A catch at the top of the chamber opens up the opening to all four tubes, for quick reload. Each comes with its own spring mechanism that needs to be in a lock mode, to allow 10 rounds to be placed in each tube.And this is important because once you load up the magazine and insert it into the Khaos, a lever on the Khaos automatically unlocks all four spring mechanisms. This allows the spring to push each round upwards towards the barrel of the blaster.

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But if for some reason you accidentally nudge this master lever while loading the magazine, be prepared to see all 40 Rival foam balls get released in the air simultaneously. Yeah, picking up 40 free running foam balls is not as fun as firing them.The beauty of this weapon is the rapid fire. There is no semi-automatic setting, just a Safe and Fire mode located on the right side of the weapon, just above the trigger. Under the trigger is the button that turns the gun’s motor on, and both of these buttons need to be depressed, for the gun to start firing.

As soon as the smooth whirling sound starts, pressing the firing button will unleash a volley of foam balls upon your enemies. You would think that 40 rounds are a lot, but the magazine can run dry in no time at all. I wish there would be a semi-automatic setting that maybe serves 5 to 10 rounds with each press because, in the thick of the action, the last thing your mind wants to do is to let go of either button, to conserve ammo.

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But while the deployment of the foam balls is impressive, one drawback is the velocity of the Khaos. With the Apollo, you can barely make out the ball ejecting from the blaster as it crashes into your target. Here though, you can easily make out each ball as it flies towards your target.

Sure, the balls do not hurt either way, but you’re trading a skilled, high impact attack for a quick, 15-second volley of 40 rounds. While the Khaos might fire slightly slower, it in no way impacts the weapon’s accuracy as shots easily reach a target standing over 5m away. But if you want to pull a surprise attack on a group of people, and do not want to waste time reloading, the Khaos deliver as its name suggest.

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The Khaos is the most expensive Nerf Rival blaster in the market but it is also the most deadly. Anyone might have the dexterity to avoid one, maybe two shots. But 40? I’m sorry, but your target definitely does not get to feel lucky today.  

Price: SGD$149.90

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