Geek Review: Google Pixel 3 My Case

We don’t usually review cases at Geek Culture, but starting with the Pixel 3 My Case, we probably should.

Considering that the accessory market is a good way for companies to get their consumers to park away more money, the approach by companies makes financial sense. Just look at how Apple has been rolling out their line of leather accessories for their devices over the years.

When the opportunity presented itself from Google for us to get our hands on with a fully customisable case for the Pixel 3, it was simply too good to pass up.

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The concept of being able to customise a case for your Pixel phone was around since the Pixel 2, and the premise is simple, Google will allow you to pick from a range of predetermined designs or you could upload your own.

Uploading the image is easy, but getting it right to ensure where the actual bleed lines are for the phone can be tricky.

In the process of designing the case, the artwork that I had gotten my daughter to illustrate had to be reworked a few times to ensure the design wrapped around the case nicely. Being able to view your product in 3D is a boon to ensure all the edges of the case were not left out.

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Now, the only thing left to do was wait.

Having placed the order on October 21 2018, the case arrived on November 10 2018. We’d imagine that this is the first time Google is shipping such items in the region, the delay is more or less understandable. Shipping things should improve over time because that’s simply the nature of the e-commerce business.

Your eventual case would come in a pretty non-descript box, but slide it open and you’ll be able to see your own design in full glory –

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There’s nothing quite like knowing that this is the only design in the world (no matter how well or poorly designed).

The Google Pixel 3 My Case has 2 layers: a soft silicone inner layer and an exterior plastic shell.

Compared to the Google Pixel 3 fabric case, you’ll be trading that fuzzy feeling for a smooth exterior. Otherwise, both actually feel rather nice in hand. Though the preference would be still the fabric case but it goes feel less grippy compared to the plastic My Case.

The only gripe is the printing for the artwork didn’t quite turn out the way it should –

Taking a closer peek, you’ll be able to see the paint streaks which comes off as a printing defect. Double checking with the original design file, it didn’t quite show up during the design process as well. Thankfully, the option to return the case does exist, but you’d need to do it within 5 days of receiving the product.

Overall, the prospect of having your very own unique phone case is a compelling proposition. After all, everyone’s mobile phone is unique to every individual and Google has made the effort to make every Pixel owner feel even more special.

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