Geek Review & Giveaway: Braun CoolTec CT4s

Shaving is usually one of those things that male geeks have to go through as part of the morning routine. If it were up to me, I’d just give it up but social convention dictates me to conform else I would be ostracized by society. Bummer.

Braun CoolTec CT4s (5)

If you are looking out for a brand new electric shaver, the Braun CoolTec series might be worth a consideration. Personally having used the CoolTec CT4s for the past few days, I’ve found that the shaver works in all the conditions that it advertises, be it wet or dry. And it delivers a very close shave as well, exactly what a shaver should do in the first place.

Braun CoolTec CT4s (2)
The charging dock and delivered via the 2 metallic points at the top

Before using the new Bruan shaver, I’ve been using a Philips shaver that did not allow me to use it in the shower. With the new Braun shaver and being able to shave while in shower, helps me cut down those precious minutes from my morning routine. Being fully waterproof means that I could possibly store the shaver in the shower area. However, I would dissuade one from doing so as a damp environment could breed unwanted stuff in the shaver.

Braun CoolTec CT4s (15)
Waterproof alright. Corrosion-proof unlikely.

The defining feature of the CoolTec series would be the cooling technology that is delivered via a ceramic cooling element that can be turned on while shaving. It actually takes less than a second for the cooling element to deliver an incredibly cold shaving experience. While shaving dry, I found the coolness welcome but uncomfortable for an extended period. I suggest turning on the cooling system for a few seconds then proceeding with your shave without it. It works just as well without the uncomfort. The cooling system is touted to reduce redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving behind a cool and refreshed face. If you are planning to shave in a hot shower, this feature is pretty moot.

Maintaining the shaver looks simple enough. The manual states that the shaving cartridge needs replacing every 18 months and considering the price tag to be pretty affordable compared to my previous Philips, I would say that it is pretty inexpensive to invest into this system.

Braun CoolTec CT4s (1)
Up close with the cooling ceramic

Popping out the top to give the shaver a quick clean, I found no hairs within, disintegrated possibly?

Electric shavers are by no means inexpensive. It is more of an investment more than any other considering how long they are able to last. If you are on a hunt for a brand new shaver, the Braun CoolTec would be a worthwhile plunge as it offers more than just wet/dry shaving options with its cooling tech.

WIN a Braun CoolTec CT4s for yourself!

That’s right, we have a brand new Braun CoolTec CT4s (worth SGD289) to giveaway! What do you have to do to stand a chance of winning? First of all, you’d have to be living in Singapore to be able to collect your prize. Then follow these 2 simply steps:

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Special thanks to the good folks at Braun Singapore for sponsoring the prize. The Braun CoolTec will be available from 1 November onwards at all major retailers in Singapore.


  • If I win this, Braun will take my electric shaver virginity and I will henceforth pledge my face fuzz to its cold, electric blades.

  • I’ve been using a Braun portable shaver for quite a while now and recently have been considering to upgrade to a better shaver due to the increase in ingrown stubble or whatever you call it.

    I’ve tried other shavers from Panasonic and Philips, but Braun is the best so far.

    Anyway, this looks like an awesome upgrade! Am considering between this and Gizmodo’s winner – the Braun 760CC. (http://gizmodo.com/our-favorite-shaving-gear-1448191339) What would you recomend?

  • I’m bloody lazy when it comes to shaving but hate the stubble. I’m sure this would make my hectic days much easier to manage.

  • Haven’t really gone into electronic shavers as I find them rather pricy and sometimes the cheaper ones do not do the trick. Apart from that, the electric shavers I have experience with tend to not give a clean shave for me and I’ve kind of sworn off those for a while, also I like a wet shave which not many electric shavers offer.

    The cooltec seems like a nice touch giving a cool effect would be nice, much like the icy menthol feel without the lingering coolness. No other reason but to give me a chance to check out electric shavers again and perhaps find a new love for shaving more frequently. Much like an addiction haha. 🙂

  • I have never found the perfect way of shaving like a man. I have tried several macho ways like using a razor knife, blades and other manly means. The CoolTec CT4s seems like a really manly way of shaving and I would really like one as oppose to those small pussy blades.

    Let me shave like a man.

  • I had been using Braun shavers for a good amount of years until I switched to Philips 2-3 years back and absolutely loved it. The Philipshave some high-end model that cost me $200 honestly gave me a closer and better shaving experience. I wondered what took me so long to switch. Obviously I will not be buying a Braun anytime soon which is absolutely why I should win this – so that I can be convinced Braun can offer me a better product and perhaps win me back over. How’s that for a genuine comment?

  • I don’t really like having any facial hair showing so I have to shave every other day, and I’m still using a super worn out razor, so an electric shaver would save so much time for me, whether in or out of the shower.

  • Though I don’t need this for myself, but my crazily geeky husband could definitely use one of these! I’m really hoping something like this shaver, with its icy cooling function can encourage him to shave more often. So that he can no longer give me the excuse that shaving causes skin irritation, thus I have to suffer the wrath of his scruffy stubble all the time.

    I’m a huge geek myself, and we share the same love for superheroes and sci-fi, so it would be pretty darn cool to win something from Geek Culture. I’ll even go the extra mile and attach a “with compliments from geekculture.co” note on the box when I present this sexy new shaver to him next month! Oh and blue is his favourite colour too! Wish me luck!!! And may the force be with me… and my hubby.

  • I have been using Braun’s range of shaver since I started using electronic shaver and no other brands shaves better then Braun’s.

  • Because I am a geek and this Braun shaver is what a geek needs. It has a charging dock, like how a spaceship docks to a station. It operates in water, it can accompany me and my rubber duckie. Last but not least it has cooling technology?! How cool is that? (pun intended).

  • Everyone else here just need a shaver. I need a CoolTec CT4s specifically as I have sensitive skin that goes red and inflamed using normal shavers. I need the this shaver with the cooling system as it is touted to reduce redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving behind a cool and refreshed face.

    Please give me a painless, itch-free shave for once in my life!

  • I love to clean my face-image well. I shave every 2 days a time and I wanted to get a brand new electric shaver to shave myself in spick and span as well as to present well to others in whenever and wherever I am.

  • If i win, I will help BRAUN to be the next ‘cool’ model to advertisement this CoolTec CT4s, if they want me lah. don feature my face, just the chin part will do, cause mine is just plain sexy.

    hawhaw. no shaver is harmed while in this advertisement.

  • I’ve been shaving since I was 16. Always cut myself, not to mention razor burns, nicks and cuts (some are very bad, clumsy me) sensitive skin leading to infected pores (pimples, folicaltis, etc), and always not close enough a shave except when the blade is new. And we all know how expensive them blades are! Been looking for a good electric shaver since the 90s. Never liked them, have tried a few over the years and always ended up chucking them. I hope this latest, newest, etc etc etc lives up to its name! So want to give it a try. Don’t know why I should be the one to win this, but hope I do! haha! Lucky draw system??? 😉

    • ok ok how about this one for a good reason: I can finally go 100% hairless and do it in the safety and comfort of the shower! no more cuts on the sensitive bits!!!!!! 😀

  • I started shaving shortly after puberty and have always been discouraged by people around me to get an electric shaver – saying that it will be a waste of money, considering the fact that there will always be disposable and conventional ones that are cheap and/or free.

    Due to the sensitivity of shaving on the skin, we must be very delicate and careful when it comes to applying the right force at the right angle. There has been many one occasion where cuts and rash have appear due to carelessness. Scars form and becomes a problem. The constant reminder of shaving being trouble has made a constant upkeep discouraged. It is only when it is overwhelming will the inclination of taking up a blade surface.

    I have done my homework to find ways to remove the scars with aloe gel or oils that may help. Progress has been negligible. I think essentially what I might need is a new approach and so I decided to give electronic shavers a shot. I borrowed one from my friend and cleaned it thoroughly before using. I have to admit the sound and unknown can be rather intimidating.

    Heck, I went for it. And surprisingly parts that were shaved left a smooth touch on the skin! There was no bumps, cuts or any forms of itch. (With necessary cleaning after of course) It was amazing.

    The shortfall however is that some parts of my body was hard to “catch” and I ended up having need to still use the conventional razor to shave it off. No doubt the electronic shaver is amazing, but still it wasn’t enough.

    I was just considering to ask around and do my research on reviews for electronic shavers and here I come across this page! I am still new to the whole electronic shaver thing but this Braun CoolTec CT4s sounds very impressive to begin with. It would be my very first electronic razor should given be!

    I am lighthearted about this entry because I never win things like that. But who knows right?

  • You should give me… because I make shaving look better than Edward… Seriously, even Edward will agree so

  • I think I should win because I am still using the conventional shaver which have its super cut blade. Certain time, its quite stressful to shave because when the blade start to rust, it will be painful and ofter cut myself.
    To invest of an electronic shaver would also cost a bomb to try and I have the phobia that the blade will cut my skin.

    I am willing to try out the new Braun Cooltec CT4s because there is a lot of comments of people that wants to try it too, (Guess its pretty safe alright)

  • Being a hairy guy who needs to shave constantly means that not only must I spend an inordinate amount of time shaving daily, I also have to go through manual razor blades like how a baby goes through diapers which ends up costing me a good amount of money. The CoolTec promises to change this with its lasting shaving cartridges!

    Additionally, the cooling technology, as well as the close shave that the CoolTec CT4s promise, will help not only me, but also my girlfriend as well. I will be able to avoid having those nasty red patches on my face after shaving, while my girlfriend will be able to feel the smoothness of my skin (just like a baby’s bum!) when she kisses me!

    Thanks GeekCulture, and thanks Braun!

  • You need to send the shaver over to me because I have not shaved for many weeks and I look like a cavemen and my girlfriend wants to break up with me!

  • The CoolTec CT4s is needed to shave a Wookie like myself. So I need this to cut down on the hours it takes me to look nice in the morning. From Chewbacca to Dr. Xavier every morning… Give a guy a break…

  • Braun is German product and I love Germany! Why you should give it to me? Cause i will show it to all my friend and family how coold this shaver is.

  • Daily shaving costs a lot of money if it means buying disposable shaving blades. with this shaver, I can continue with my daily shaving and save LOADS of moola~ GIVE ME THAT SHAVER NOW… please?

  • You should definitely give it to me because it would give me a better shave than a lightsaber.

    Damn right, coz I own one.

    Also, I’d like to try shaving underwater!

  • Quick math: Shaving takes 5 min every work day x appox 250 days a year = appx 20+ hours a year.

    That’s over 10 movies or 40 TV shows or a lot of naps that I could be saving on. CoolTec CT4s, please give me those 5 minutes everyday.

  • I like to win it as it’s time for an upgrade from the razor and use the best brand in shavers,The Braun CoolTec CT4s! Makes me look cool and hopefully all the girls will come to chill with me =)

  • This product actually what I need as I always shave in the showers. I do not have to worry about waterproof issues. And shaving as always been a hassle to been as I always get burns and cuts, so I always dread of shaving, leaving me a ragged look. With this new shaver, shaving would no longer be a issue and I will look clean and smart everyday. =)

  • Shaving wont be a hassle for me anymore with the CoolTec CT4s, i can use it anywhere, anyhow!

  • I like win it so I can try out the cooling system which can be touted to reduce redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving behind a cool and refreshed face. As my baby girl don’t like my chin due to unclean shaving from my blade, it will be great to have this gadget for a clean cool shave.

  • Well I have been using braun ever since I started shaving. I am a guy who needs to shave almost everyday and for certain times even need to shave twice in a day. My job requires me to have a clean shave and I am in desperate need of a new and good shaver. What more than a good braun shaver to help me with this need. Now I am not able to get a new braun due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Having to shave daily is such a “drag”. A 5pm shadow is so unprofessional. A chore like this would be completed so much easier with a Braun CoolTec CT4s!!!

  • Being on the road often means less time for everything and a clean fresh appearance in front of the customers is key. With the Braun CoolTec CT4s, reckon I can finish my shaving in the shower and not looking red as if I’ve just woke up. If that’s true, I’ll promote it to all my associates.

  • Need a cooling shaver to forgo my daily routine of razor burns and shaving of armpits hair!!!

  • I should be given this shaver because I’m still using an old school razor. Seriously, who has time for that anymore? I need this electric shaver yesterday!

  • You should give it to me because no shaver can shave my mighty beard. So I hope CoolTec CT4s can show it’s mighty.