Geek Preview: Player Choice Is At The Heart Of Far Cry 6

It has been a good few months since we last saw Far Cry 6 at a preview event, and suffice to say, we were definitely itching to experience the island of Yara for ourselves. Thankfully, Ubisoft and the dictator that is Antón Castillo saw fit to extend an invitation to us, and into the mayhem we went.

The two distinct sessions in the preview gave us both an early and mid-game taste of what Far Cry 6 had to offer, and it is an intoxicating blend of storytelling, intriguing characters, and the crazy action that has become the hallmark of the series.

While fighting back against a dictatorship is enough cause for most rebels to take up arms, the underlying motivations for our hero/heroine Dani Rojas, how Yara came to be, and why Castillo has to be taken down make for some engaging fare to keep players going.

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Juan and Clara Garcia of the Libertad in Far Cry 6

A Face For Hating

Much like the later games, the villain does much of the heavy lifting in providing players a face to direct their contempt against. Even in the brief moments we get to see of Giancarlo Esposito’s masterful performance, that sense of menace, authority, and power is all on show.

At the heart of it all is Viviro, a miraculous cancer treatment that requires more than its fair share of human sacrifice to create. With this treasure firmly in his hands, Castillo is obviously going to hold the world hostage. The forced labour, land appropriation, general poverty, and military brutality obviously do not help either.

Of course, you won’t be going about it alone in trying to take down this regime. The locals who have had enough are going to do their part too, either as part of Libertad or other splinter groups looking to rise up. Throughout your journey on Yara, you will come into contact with such organisations and aid their rebellion as well.

The people that make up the different factions are all quite interesting to interact with, each bringing their own fair share of stories, backgrounds, and quirks when it comes to the good fight. How the youth and the more seasoned players in this war do their part reveals a stark contrast of the beliefs in Yara, and it is here you will find your own place.

Sightseeing Mayhem

Different regions of Yara will provide a variety of challenges to the player, be it mountains and valleys full of vegetation and hidden paths, or the more urban areas crawling with guards and military installations. The way everything fits together is quite a sight, and exploration can often result in unexpected marvels. Once you are done with sightseeing, the freedom is yours when it comes to turning the tide. and to do so, you best be thinking like a guerilla.

Far Cry 6 combines natural and urban environments to great effect.

Scrouging for resources, making use of the environment around you, and utilising stealth will do you a world of good against the opposition. The weapons you obtain are always going to get better, especially if you put the time in to upgrade and add mods to change up their effects. Whether it be armoured foes, attack dogs, or vehicles, you need the right tool for the job, and Far Cry 6 allows the flexibility for you to do so.

Although the gunplay was quite finicky, it would likely be sorted out at launch. Popping heads has always been fun, but the addition of the Supremos definitely up the ante when it comes to causing wanton destruction. A rocket barrage is a great way to introduce yourself to any military base, or if you prefer the heat, you can generate flames using a cobbled-together jetpack.

As always, there are going to be options, and as part of your character arsenal, you can craft your own playstyle accordingly. The same goes for your gear as well.

Purchasing and procuring gear from around the world does not just make you look good as a guerilla, but grant bonuses too. These can be obtained from special boxes, usually found in heavily guarded areas, or bought from the black market. The better equipped you are, the more effective you can be as a one-person army.

Horse-riding in Far Cry 6

Putting the pressure on Castillo and his regime will see Rojas climb the Guerilla Ranks, unlocking further access to better gear and armaments too. This will also mean that the forces you will force become more aggressive, which makes for a perfectly enjoyable time.

Familiar And New

If you are familiar with how most Far Cry games play out, then this outing will not be too foreign to you. Outposts and checkpoints have to be cleared, and that can involve stealth operations or all-out warfare. Weapons and vehicles are still going to be important, and the newly introduced horses are great for getting you around encampments in more dangerous terrains.

While the main gameplay loop in Far Cry 6 is likely to always involve combat, the side activities will provide plenty of worthy distractions to pursue. Yarian Stories and Treasure Hunts add more avenues in which to discover this world, and the companionship of the amigos both adorable and deadly is going to spice up the proceedings.

2-player co-op is confirmed for Far Cry 6

Shoutout to Chicharrón the punk rooster, whose destructive powers are a marvel to behold. If you need a rocking companion that brings the hurt, this amigo is going to do you just fine.

For those looking to bring a friend along for the ride, you will be happy to know that Far Cry 6 is fully playable in 2-player co-op from start to finish. Even better, both players get to keep their progression.

With 7 October slowly creeping up on us, Ubisoft looks set to deliver yet another solid outing with Far Cry 6. With more emphasis on a grassroots rebellion that is powered by player choice, the war against Antón Castillo is going to be one hell of a ride.

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