Geek Preview 'FIFA 23' Career Mode Remains An Uphill Battle Fans' Love

Geek Preview: ‘FIFA 23′ Career Mode Remains An Uphill Battle For Fans’ Love

With EA finally giving us more of a look at the upcoming FIFA 23 over the last couple of weeks, including the headlining additions of the women’s game and even fancier technology in the form of HyperMotion2, the spotlight is now finally on the Career mode side of things. Unfortunately, despite Career Mode being one of the main attractions for many solo players, what we have learned about the new additions in FIFA 23 will likely leave many frustrated once more.

Manager Career

As an integral part of the game for as long as we can remember, leading your favourite club to glory is a feeling unlike any other. While the main experience is still out there on the pitch, there are still many other ways that can help improve the overall Manager Career mode in FIFA 23.

Yet, players will find little meaningful change in their pursuit of sporting glory in the Beautiful Game.

FIFA 23 Career Mode

Perhaps the most significant addition is that of playable highlights, where instead of the entire match, you can choose only to play the important moments. The balance between attacking and defending moments will depend on your team’s quality and that of the opponent, and can help shorten a long season into a more palatable one for those pressed for time.

EA is also adding in a selected pool of authentic managers, allowing you to play using the likeness of world-renowned managers like Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola instead of your own created manager. Now you can shout at Timo Werner while playing as Thomas Tuchel; imagine that.

A transfer analysis feature will come in handy, as the board will let you know how the new signing is doing and how everyone else feels about it. That said, we all know that matters little when any fan already knows the best players out there to grab.

It remains puzzling that EA continues to forgo an increased focus on Manager Career in FIFA 23, especially with its popularity. We would have loved to put the players through training and tactical sessions to improve them rather than just increase their sharpness or fitness for one, but this is yet another year wasted in our opinion.

Player Career

Jumping to the player side of things, the situation is a little bit better. The aforementioned playable highlights are also present in this mode, with the additional option of getting involved only when your in-game player is in the thick of the action.

FIFA 23 will see the debut of the Player Career Personality feature, where your superstar-to-be gets broken down into three archetypes – Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso. Both on and off-pitch actions will determine the balance between the three personalities, leading to stat bonuses, and players are free to develop in whichever way they want.

FIFA 23 Career Mode

The new Off-pitch Activities are another step in bringing the pro experience to life, with your wages earned actually being useful in the game. Players will be able to invest and purchase a variety of items and amenities to support their lifestyle, such as a sauna to give your training a boost or a social media producer to boost your Personality points. Other life decisions will also have an impact in this new system.

The devs also spoke of more dynamic and cinematic moments that will mark milestones in your player career, which are nice to see even if they have no bearing on the gameplay whatsoever.

Knowing the majority of Career Mode fans, many will still jump straight in when FIFA 23 launches. That kind of loyalty should never be mistaken for acceptance of the status quo, which is definitely the case even with the proposed additions.

Could there really be no other way to shake things up from EA when it comes to this mode? No one really has the right answer, and with EA splitting with FIFA after this year, perhaps it will represent a clean slate to rebuild things again. Like always, we are keeping our fingers crossed, but with dwindling hope every year.