Gears of War Creator Says He’s Not Involved in Upcoming Film

‘Gears of War’ Creator Says He’s Not Involved in Upcoming Film

It was in November of last year that we first caught wind of a film adaptation of the iconic Gears of War series being put together by Netflix. There’s going to be a movie, as well as an animated series geared towards the adult audience, which sounds perfect since violence and gore are all part of the fun. However, that said, some fans may be disappointed to know that creator Cliff Bleszinski will have no involvement with the Gears of War movie at all, at least for now.

“Absolutely not. Nobody’s reached out to me and it’s weird,” he explained in a wide-ranging interview with ComingSoon. “Just from a PR standpoint, if Microsoft would do something and just have me play a build, give some feedback, and then do a press release, I’m on stage for a press conference, the internet would explode.”

Cliff Bleszinski Gears of War

Whether this will change down the line is still up in the air, but now we know that Bleszinski is more than happy to share his two cents about the project to help the cause. The lack of proper involvement has not stopped the outspoken creator from having his say anyway, making it crystal clear that he doesn’t want Chris Pratt to be part of the Gears of War movie at all.

He does, however, throw his support behind Dave Bautista, who has been campaigning for the lead role of Marcus Fenix.

“Yeah. Marcus is like Bruce Willis in Die Hard — everything he touches seems to turn to crap. I used to say back in the day, I didn’t want like a pro wrestler to play Marcus. But Bautista has emerged from the pro wrestling circuit and has shown his range in Blade Runner 2049 and Knock At the Cabin and Guardians of the Galaxy and whatnot. He literally did that cosplay — he’s wearing the armor that he posted on social media, and he has my full support as … people consider me to be ‘the father of Gears.‘ I would love for nothing more than to consider consulting on the movie.”

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Jon Spaihts is currently working on the project, but there is still no actors attached to the Gears of War movie or a projected release window at this time.