Gamescom Asia 2021 Kicks Off With A Slew Of Games From Southeast Asia

gamescom asia 2021 kicked off its entertainment zone today with a 1-hour PrimeTime live-stream that premiered 19 new game offerings from across the Southeast Asia and around the world.

Here are the games showcased in order of appearance:

  1. The Heroes Around Me (China)
  2. Moolii’s Dreamland (China)
  3. Climber: Sky is the Limit (Poland)
  4. Old World (US)
  5. Against the Storm (Poland)
  6. Nimbus Infinity (Thailand)
  7. Eximius: Seize the Frontline (Malaysia)
  8. Lokapala (Indonesia)
  9. Project Xandata (Philippines)
  10. Lentera’s showcase of 6 games (Indonesia)
  11. Kingdoms Reborn (Thailand)
  12. GigaBash (Malaysia)
  13. Knight Crawlers (Singapore)
  14. Arcade Legend (Australia)

Find out more about the respective games on gamescom asia’s Awesome Indies site.

The live stream events for the rest of gamescom asia’s entertainment zone are free to watch online on 16 (starts at 1:15pm SGT) and 17 October (starts at 1:30pm SGT).