Gamers Can Now Feel Sharp & Play Sharp With New GilletteLabs X Razer Limited Edition Razor

Gillette and tech accessories giant Razer, which has defined gaming in style, are now bringing that sense of self-assurance a little closer to home, by adding a close shave to its gaming hardware selection. While the GilletteLabs X Razer Limited Edition Razor may have started out as a cheeky April Fools’ joke, it means serious business – designed for gamers by gamers, cheekily poking fun at the stereotype of unkempt gents playing video games with little love for self-care, but now offering a cutting-edge way to play sharp while also looking sharp.

GilletteLabs offers an effortless shaving in one store with built-in exfoliating bar that sweeps dirt and debris away, before the (ahem) Razer-sharp blades pass effortlessly, while the 2D flexi-disc adapts to facial contours, ensuring a smooth shave. Talk about getting your game face on!

Put into action, the five blades are gentle on the skin, with a solid zinc metal handle built for prolonged use and offering a comfortable, rubber-felt grip. There’s no need to worry about its durability either – the GilletteLabs Handle comes with a lifetime warranty (terms and conditions apply), which makes replacement an easy, fuss-free affair.

When shaving time’s over, the razor can be docked to a magnetic stand that leaves it upright, clean, and dry. The icing on the cake, though, is that an exclusive voucher is included in every pack, granting users a 10% discount off selected Razer products (capped at S$10).

It presents an attractive and affordable start to a well-kept lifestyle where grooming in the real world can guide you towards blooming in the game world.

The GilletteLabs X Razer Limited Edition Razor is now available at Guardian, Watsons, Cold Storage, Giant and Shopee.