Funko Makes Breakfast Cereal Cool Again With FunkO’s

We first heard word on the block back in March that Funko, maker of the big-eyed POP! vinyl figurines loved by collectors, would be going from the toy to the food department with a new range of breakfast cereal. Super Mario attempted the breakfast cereal crossover with the Lucky Charms-esque Super Mario cereal last year, but Funko has decided to kick off the summer with new FunkO’s cereals!

These first six in the line are themed after the Funko’s very own mascot Freddy, and the iconic pop culture characters of Freddy Krueger, Mega Man, Friday the 13th’s Jason, Cuphead & Mugman, and Gollum.

Each box will come with a mini POP! vinyl figure of the character inside along with sugary fruit loop-like cereal that’ll turn your milk a different colour. Mmm, blue milk – Luke Skywalker would be proud.

But instead of selling them through grocery stores, Funko has opted to split up and sell the FunkO’s separately and exclusively through various collectible stores. Available from some time in July, the FunkO’s will be rolling out at the following stores:

  • Mega Man FunkO’s at GameStop
  • Cuphead & Mugman FunkO’s at Hot Topic
  • Freddy FunkO’s through Funko’s website
  • Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger FunkO’s and Friday the 13th’s Jason FunkO’s at FYE
  • The Lord of the Rings’ Gollum FunkO’s at BoxLunch

Funko will be adding more cereals and pop culture icons to the line in the months to come, but there’s no information just yet on their prices. This is sure to be a hit among collectors, although it’s a bit of a hassle to be getting them from so many different sources.

Check out the images of all the colourful FunkO’s cereal boxes: