The Thaumaturge

‘Frostpunk’ & ‘Witcher’ Remake Devs Unveil New Mystical Turn-based RPG in ‘The Thaumaturge’

If you were searching for a new turn-based roleplaying game to get excited, then we have something interesting to share. Coming via 11 Bit Studios (Frostpunk) and Fool’s Theory (The Witcher 1 Remake), The Thaumaturge will be a story-rich experience set in early-20th-century Warsaw that is coming to PC.

As a term, Thaumaturge refers to the ancient Greek word for a worker of wonders and performer of miracles, naturally, that should lead to some diverse gameplay ideas and executions. The isometric RPG will have “a unique take on combat, character development features, and investigation mechanics, touching upon the complex theme of inner demons.”

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Set in 1905, Warsaw lives under the yoke of imperial Russian tsardom. Its inhabitants constitute a diverse group of different ancestries, views, and beliefs with often conflicting interests: Russian soldiers, Jewish merchants, Polish townspeople, and more.

The Thaumaturge revolves around the idea of demons both on physical and metaphorical layers,” said Fool’s Theory Design Director, Karolina Kuzia-Rokosz. “After all, it’s a game infused with 11 bit studios’ philosophy of meaningful entertainment. Its theme is evoked in different areas of the game with gameplay mechanics or narrative aspects being only a part of those.”

In the game, a force that cannot be ignored are Thaumaturges – individuals versed in taming spirit-like beings called Salutors, used for manipulation of the temperaments and affinities of other people and even ultimately in combat. Only Thaumaturges are fully aware of the Salutors’ nature and only they can perceive them in their true essence. Their capability to influence others significantly and demonstrably increases their ability to change the surrounding world, however, Thaumaturgy is a power that should be used with caution.

Other details about the game remain scarce, but we can expect more of an update at the Game Developers Conference taking place next month, as The Thaumaturge will be making an appearance there. With the track record of the developers, it should make for an interesting concept, to say the least.