FromSoftware Teases Two Unannounced Games In The Works

While some titles climbed up the ranks of the fame ladder with compelling, fully fleshed-out lore, exceptional characterisations, and finely-executed in-game mechanics – or any combination of the trio –, the Souls series introduced another element into the formula: notorious difficulty.

Harsh on veteran gamers and extremely unforgiving to newcomers, the team over at FromSoftware repeatedly subjected players to brutal deaths, from the early days of Demon Souls to its proud successor of the Dark Souls fame. Afterward came PS4 gem Bloodborne, which while a beautiful title, is even more merciless than the previous two franchises.

It seems the FromSoftware DNA is set to continue, as the celebrated developer has confirmed that two new unannounced projects are in the works. In an interview with 4Gamer.net via Gematsu, president Hidetaka Miyazaki was keen to deliver the truth, assuring fans that these upcoming mysterious titles will feature the oh-so-familiar elements found in all of the studio’s existing games:

While it isn’t time to discuss the details, they’re both [FromSoftware]-esque games. We’ll need a little more time, but we’ll be able to tell everyone more about them once they take shape.

This latest announcement serves as a follow-up to Miyazaki’s interview back in June 2016, where he laid out the plans for future development. Previously referred to as the 3.5 product line, the strategy saw the recently-released Deracine, upcoming shinobi-themed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and the category of unannounced titles in the roster, which was broken down into the 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 phases respectively.

And while both Dark Souls Remastered and Metal Wolf Chaos XD – now delayed to a mid-2019 launch – was announced beyond 2016, Miyazaki clarified that their absence from the 3.5 is due to them being requested by Bandai Namco and Devolver Digital, in that order.

All this suspense and secrecy makes it possible for one of the two works in the pipeline to be a sequel, since Miyazaki didn’t exactly address any of the grapevine talk that has been going around. Bloodborne 2 remains a popular guess among the community, which is hardly surprising: Yharnam is one chillingly beautiful Gothic city, after all. Besides, there’s nothing like revelling in the sheer thrill of fighting fast-paced, challenging battles, as well as journeying through the game’s replay-heavy, intricately-crafted story.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however. Before FromSoftware drops the names of the mysterious titles, there’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to look forward to first, planned for arrival on March 22, 2019 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Prepare for deaths galore, fellow shinobi!