Free Magic: The Gathering Arena Bob Ross Land Cards Up For Grabs

There’s always heated discussion about which Magic: The Gathering deck is the most effective each time a new set is released, but one can’t argue the universal value of free land cards.

Wizards of the Coast recently announced that Magic: The Gathering Arena players will be able to claim free codes for each of the five different lands featuring artwork by iconic American landscape painter Bob Ross. The cards will be available in foil and non-foil versions, and each version features a different piece of artwork for your viewing pleasure.

This free giveaway is part of WotC’s “Happy Little Gathering” Secret Lair drop, which includes other M:tG-related goodies heading into the Christmas season.

Here are the codes for each land (available until 14 December):

  • DelightfulMeadow (Plains)
  • MoveMountains (Mountain)
  • IslandWilderness (Island)
  • HappySwamp (Swamp)
  • TreeFriend (Forest)

In addition to the free codes, WotC also announced more Secret Lair drops as part of its Secretversary Superdrop, celebrating the program’s first anniversary.

Like previous Secret Lair bundles such as the recent The Walking Dead one, these bundles feature limited-edition cards that feature specific themes or artwork from various collaborators, and are worthy gifts for any hardcore Magic: The Gathering fan.

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