Negan From The Walking Dead Is Now A Magic: The Gathering Card, And He’s Totally OP

AMC’s The Walking Dead is iconic for many reasons. Anyone who has been following the series even casually would be able to remember the nefarious Negan. The spiked bat-wielding villain, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was as charming as he was cunning, and was a truly fearsome presence on screen. And now you get to field him as a Legendary Creature on Magic: The Gathering.

In case you missed it, Wizards of the Coast has teamed up with AMC in its Secret Lair collaboration as part of the network’s premiere of The Walking Dead: The World Beyond limited series on 4 October.

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The limited-edition set features characters and zombies from the long-running zombie drama series as playable cards, with unique mechanics that represent the character portrayed. One such card is the aforementioned Negan, who, according to Wizards product architect Mark Heggen (via Gamespot), “forces one of your opponents to play this sick mind game where they have to choose and sacrifice one of their own creatures, but you can also get into their head and trick them into sacrificing more than they had to.”

Yup, sure does sound like the man himself.

Aside from Negan, Danai Gurira’s badass katana-wielding Michonne was also teased as a preview card.

Her mechanic is such that, when played, she automatically summons two Walker (zombie) cards, similar to how she first appeared in the series with two Walkers chained to her. She then forces opponents to block her and cannot be destroyed while attacking (though she can still be placed in the graveyard via other means).

Of course, these cards are just a taste of what’s to come in the new The Walking Dead Secret Lair set, which wil be available between 4 to 12 October on the Secret Lair site.