For Honor Brings Lightsabers To The Fray On Star Wars Day

Enjoyed swinging lightsabers like a badass on Star Wars Battlefront 2 but can’t stand being Darth Maul for only one match? Over the weekend, you could, thanks to For Honor adding the iconic energy-based weapons to their game.

In honour (heh) of May the Fourth / Star Wars Day, Ubisoft added lightsaber mods to the game via a new patch that was to herald the start of the Year 3 Season 2 update.


This addition came as a welcome surprise to many fans, as it wasn’t included in the official patch notes at all. But we weren’t complaining.

While these aren’t actually lightsabers per se (possibly due to potential licensing issues with EA and Disney, since they technically own the IP), the glow effect on whatever weapon you wielded (yes, even flails and maces) is highly reminiscent of the ones you see in the movies and official games.

The iconic hum, whoosh sounds the “lightsabers” made when you swung them, or the crackle when blades clashed, just added to the immersion, and it was glorious.

The lightsaber mods to For Honor have been around over the weekend, but exactly how long they’ll remain there now that Star Wars Day is over remains to be seen.