First Looks At Netflix’s The Cuphead Show Is Like The Tutorial Mode For The Game

Fans of the now-iconic 2017 platformer Cuphead will no doubt be keeping close tabs on the upcoming TV adaptation by Netflix. And from what the folks at StudioMDHR have shown recently, The Cuphead Show is shaping up to be quite the homage to the series, and Fleischer-style cartoons of old.

A teaser video for The Cuphead Show was recently put up on social media. It gives audiences a behind-the-scenes first look at what the show looks like, and what’s been happening behind the scenes.

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So far, the show is looking good, with the old-school animation certainly looking like how it did in the original game, as do the characters themselves. Speaking of which, Cuphead (the red dude) is voiced by Tru Valentino (Fast & Furious Spy Racers), while Mugman (blue) is voiced by Frank Todaro (Transformers: Titans Return, Hunter x Hunter).

From right: Cuphead and Mugman.

The only things from the games that haven’t been explicitly showcased are the massive bosses. For the uninitiated, Cuphead was not only beloved for its throwback visuals; it was also notorious for being a ridiculously difficult platforming game that left many a player frustrated with little windows to execute their actions, especially in boss fights.

So far, we’ve seen a villainous character show their face, in the form of The Devil (Luke Millington-Drake), though we have yet to see just how the challenge of these bad guys will translate to the show.

In any case, The Cuphead Show is looking good, and fans of the game will no doubt be excited for it when it finally releases. Netflix, however, has yet to confirm a release date for the show.