First Look At The New 75810 Stranger Things LEGO Set

[UPDATE: The official images are in!]

Something’s coming… and that might be a new Stranger Things LEGO set.

The internet is very much like the Upside Down, in that it is a vast, sprawling unknown full of scary things such as leaks. However, this particular leak may excite many fans, as we haven’t had a proper LEGO Stranger Things set before.

Numbered 75810, this set depicts the suburban home of the Byers Family as seen in the popular Netflix series.

Up top, you’ll see a couple of familiar faces in Minifigure form, such as Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Eleven with her blonde wig, Joyce Byers, and Jim Hopper (inclusive of his Sherrif rover). It is interesting that these characters are depicted in their Season 1 getup.

Curiously, there is an Upside Down version of the house depicted, well, upside-down, showing a darker side of the Byers home. Two more Minifigures can be seen if you squint your eyes a little: Will Byers, as well as the terrifying Demogorgon.

*UPDATE* We managed to find more pictures of the 75810 box, and as you can see, the Byers house is double sided, and can be flipped to reveal the Upside Down version which is more muted in colour.

What’s even cooler is, inside the house, you’ll see the individual rooms, again in two versions, including the iconic alphabet wall seen in Season 1.

The potential Stranger Things 75810 set apparently comes with 2287 pieces, inclusive of the eight Minifigures which is quite sizeable considering the two versions of the Byers home.

The LEGO set has been teased over the past few months, with a curious image of LEGO Dustin face-to-face with LEGO Demogorgon.

Several online stores, such as German retailer Lucky Bricks, already have 75810 listed on their site, but no price has been announced so far, but it has been rumoured to be around the US$200 price range. The set is also expected to be officially revealed and made available to VIPs on May 15th, with a wide release sometime in June.

This is really fitting, considering how the third season of Stranger Things will drop on Independence Day in the US, or July 4.

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