First Look At Michael Keaton’s Return As Bruce Wayne In Unofficial ‘The Flash’ Set Photos

Production for The Flash movie is on its way and new set photos from the upcoming DC film have revealed the first look at Michael Keaton’s role as the returning Bruce Wayne.

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen has been slated to receive his own solo movie for quite a while now, but The Flash has seen its fair share of difficulties along the way to the big screen. After several postponements and director swaps, the DCEU film has finally kicked off filming with Andy Muschietti behind the camera. Miller will be back as Barry, which is said to adapt the popular Flashpoint comics storyline.

Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book crossover story arc. This is an altered DC Universe in which only Barry Allen seems to be aware of the significant differences between the regular timeline and this altered one. The comic consists of several tie-in titles from the DC universe.

Due to the Flashpoint, The Flash is expected to include several major DC superheroes, including Keaton’s Batman. For years, Keaton’s portrayal of the caped crusader has stood among the very best, and fans are more than stoked to hear his return. Set photos from The Flash production have confirmed that the film will return to Wayne Manor, and Muschietti has teased Keaton’s Batman suit with a bloody image along with other heroes’ insignias.

Unofficial set photos shared online by NewWestBoy have revealed Keaton on the set of The Flash. For this scene, Keaton is dressed as Bruce rather than Batman. Additionally, the set pictures also reveal Miller and Sasha Calle as Supergirl.

Although how Keaton’s Bruce and Miller’s Barry’s path remains to be seen in The Flash, it seems likely that Barry’s speedster ways will break open the multiverse. All will be revealed once the film releases on November 2022 and hopefully as filming continues, we’ll get to see a few more glimpses of Keaton and the cast on set to tide over the wait.

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