Bandai’s New Tamagotchi Revamps Digital Pet Device Into A Smartwatch

Tamagotchi is back with a whole new look, design and tech for their 25th anniversary.

Bandai’s new Tamagotchi Smart is a smartwatch that straps your digital pet onto your wrist. Featuring the coral pink and mint blue colourways, the new device will feature a touchscreen, voice recognition, a pedometer, time, and all the chores required to take good care of your digital friend.

Tamagotchi has been a sensational device ever since its release in the late 90s, spawning its own anime series, video games, and even a movie. While the new Tamagotchi Smart is essentially similar, it brings a whole different experience to the “gameplay” by introducing modern upgrades and technology such as touchscreen capabilities and wireless connectivity. That also means that it’ll come with extremely heavy battery usage compared to the older devices, and an official FAQ puts the new smartwatch’s battery life around 30 hours.

Bandai was initially going to sell the Tamagotchi Smart via lottery but has now announced that the device will go on general sale on 23 November. The smartwatch will also feature small physical keys which you have to buy separately to unlock additional content like bonus pets and styles.

Tamagotchi Smart will be available on 23 November for 7,480 yen in Japan. If you’re living in Singapore, you can pre-order the new device from Falcon Hangar for S$80 and the Rainbow Friends and Sweet Friends add-on physical keys for S$14.

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