Far Cry 6 – Best Weapons & How To Upgrade Them

In Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6, the revolution is a bloody one, and you need more than peashooters and machetes to topple the army. To get you ready for the job, it is essential that you understand what the best weapons in Far Cry 6 are, and how you can upgrade them to do more damage.

Best Weapons in Far Cry 6

You will need a proper loadout that can take care of all sorts of trouble in the game, and having the best weapons in each category will help immensely. So, if you want to kill soldados with ease and take care of enemy armour efficiently, these firearms are your best bet.

SSGP-58 Rifle

Far Cry 6 - Best Weapons & How To Upgrade Them - SSGP-58

You can find this dependable rifle in military caches, or buy it from the Guerilla Garrison. Best paired up with Armour Piercing Rounds, the SSGP-58 is one of the best all-rounder weapons in Far Cry 6. It’s fast, handles well, and likely your most used weapon once you are all said and done.

SKS Rifle

Far Cry 6 - Best Weapons & How To Upgrade Them - SKS

Another great rifle to use, the SKS Rifle can be paired with Soft-Target Rounds to take down any soldiers in your way. While it may be slow in firing rate compared to the SSGP-58, its sheer power means you only need a few body shots to down your foes.

Like the SSGP-58, you can get lucky in military zones or just buy it outright.

RAT4 Rocket Launcher/MG21 LMG

Far Cry 6 - Best Weapons & How To Upgrade Them - RAT4

When the armour comes rolling around, you will need proper firepower to eliminate them. Enter the RAT4 Rocket Launcher, with the added Lock-on Missiles mod a big plus. A single rocket can do crazy damage, and anything save for a helo or a tank will go down in an instant.

Far Cry 6 - Best Weapons & How To Upgrade Them - MG21

On the other hand, if you hate reloading after every shot, the MG21 paired with Blast Rounds will do the job nicely as well. Mod it for less recoil, and watch those vehicles burn.

Get your hands on the RAT4 and the MG21 via the Guerilla Garrison or pick them up in military caches.

Desert Eagle Pistol

Far Cry 6 - Best Weapons & How To Upgrade Them - Desert Eagle

A great sidearm will come in handy when you are out of primary ammo, and the Desert Eagle with Blast Rounds is a superb backup option to have. Run out of rockets for your RAT4? No worries, the powerful Desert Eagle can do the job as well.

Count your lucky stars by hunting down caches, or spend some Pesos to buy it.

Medico Supremo

Lastly, you are going to take plenty of damage when you are fighting against the Castillo army. As such, you need a proper Supremo to support your efforts. The Medico Supremo gives you a leg up by allowing for self-reviving, and lets you heal rapidly. If you are playing in co-op, it does a great job as well.

This Supremo is available from Juan after you reach Rank 4.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Far Cry 6

Now that you know the best weapons that you can possibly equip in Far Cry 6, you might be wondering just how to get them to the most optimised form. That is where the workbench comes in.

These useful facilities can be found in any camp, hideout, or out in the world. You can look forward to tweaking the following options for most weapons:

  • Ammo mods – Choose from Soft-Target, Armour Piercing, Blast, Poison, and Incendiary Rounds
  • Muzzle attachments – Equip a silencer, reduce recoil, or improve your aim in variety of ways
  • Optics – Get a clearer view of the battlefield with a selection of short and long-ranged sights.
  • Additional mods – Enhance your fighting prowess with vampiric rounds, more damage while aiming down sights, and more.

The most important part of upgrading weapons in Far Cry 6 is that you will need materials. The better upgrades will require more rare materials and can make a world of difference. Be sure to loot every place you come upon and hoard up. If you have the Pesos, you can also buy more materials to help speed up the process.

Both Gunpowder and Supremobond are essential to getting your mods made and more rare, alongside the other parts and scraps like industrial composite, durable fasteners, and more. Be sure to always open military caches and trade in all the wild game you have hunted, this way you can ensure your weapons and Supremos are always primed for upgrades.

With such knowledge at your fingertips, you are more than ready to bring down the regime. If you are looking for more ways to earn more Pesos in Far Cry 6 fast, head on over to our guide and get started. Either way, we look forward to seeing your victory, and if you have any questions, leave a comment down below and we’ll help whenever we can!