Fan-Made Sci-Fi Short Creates Mindblowing Realistic CGI Animation For Space Wolf Juspion

With a whole plethora of sci-fi films such as Avatar, Gravity, Star Wars and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, it seems like Hollywood is continuously pushing the envelope for great CGI achievements. However, fans have proven time and time again that mindblowing graphics aren’t exclusive to big studios.

In an unbelievably realistic CGI short, creator Rafael Segnini pays homage to Space Wolf Juspion from the Japanese Metal Hero Series. In a span of six short minutes, we are immersed in action-packed mecha fights featuring some of the smoothest complex transformation sequences which were entirely modelled and created by the artist.

After watching the short you’d be surprised to see that even humans are computer-generated. Everything from the trees down to each individual strand of human hair is painstakingly rendered to the t, flowing with weight and precision. The top-notch lighting also helps set the textures and overall ambience of the short. He even included the Daileon song, as sung by Akira Kushida!

The graphics in this fan-made tokusatsu superhero short would really give Hollywood a run for their money. And, the most amazing fact about this CGI short if probably that Segnini made this entire piece based off his love for Space Wolf Juspion and passion for CGI.