Pokémon Live-Action TV Series ‘PokéTsume’ Drops Nostalgic First Trailer

A Pokémon live-action series is coming to Japan, and it’s not what you think it is.

If you’re expecting to see Pikachu brought to life like Detective Pikachu or Venipede to jump out of the bushes and attack an innocent passerby, then you’re wrong. This new live-action series, titled Pack Your Pocket With Adventure – or PokéTsume for short -, follows a young woman as she embarks on a new adventure in her life and well, plays a lot of Pokémon.

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The first trailer just dropped on Twitter and it is bound to take fans – especially those who grew up with the original Generation 1 games – on a nostalgic ride. The trailer is entirely in Japanese and has no subtitles, but this type of relatability goes beyond one’s understanding of any language.

PokéTsume follows a young woman named Madoka Akagi (former Japanese idol Nishino Nanase, Asahinagu, Your Turn To Kill) who starts working for an advertising agency in an effort to expand her resume. She gets hit with some curveballs in life and receives a care package from her mother containing some of her old stuff, including a Game Boy and a cartridge of Pokémon Red.


Madoka begins playing it and we see how the key moments and relationships she has in her life parallels her journey on Pokémon Red. For example, when she’s meeting her boss, the game shows her entering a battle with a character that looks just like him. Meanwhile, the game reflects Magikarp screaming as someone from Madoka’s life screams at the top of his lungs too.

Even though no Pokémon appeared in the trailer, PokéTsume seems like a cute series that fans of the game can still connect with. The show’s playful take celebrates the positive impact the game has on its fans, making it incredibly relatable. Plus, the presence of a Game Boy is incredibly nostalgic.

PokéTsume is expected to debut in Japan on 19 October. There is no news on a global release.