‘Fallout’ Renewed For Season 2 By Amazon Prime Video

Fallout has officially been renewed for Season 2, less than a week after its debut on Amazon Prime Video, and it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of the wasteland. With Season 1’s ending setting up plot threads Season 2 could explore, there’s plenty of potential for the series.

fallout season 2

There’s still unanswered questions the first season leaves viewers with, like what exactly transpired in the fall of Shady Sands, or the fate of Maximus’ now ghoul squire Thaddeus, as well as the Enclave’s involvement in the larger plot, which could play a significant role in the next season.

fallout season 2

Most notably, the TV series is officially canon to the franchise, and takes place some years after the events of Fallout 4, according to a timeline tweet by Bethesda developer Emil Pagliarulo on X/Twitter. With the amount of callbacks in the series to all the games and elements being explored in the show, some fans are hoping for the return of fan-favourite characters in some form like Legion member Vulpes Inculta or even Enclave agent Frank Horrigan, after Mr. House made a cameo in Season 1.

The series is set in a post-nuclear apocalypse after a thermonuclear war ravages the United States and forces citizens into underground dwellings, or Vaults. Two hundred years later, America becomes a lawless wasteland with surviving factions fighting for control of the West Coast.

Fallout is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.