Fall Guys Gets Doom Skins On 12 January

Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has certainly knocked it out of the park since its release in August last year. Heading into the new year, players will get some themed content from the iconic Doom games.

From 12 January, various Doom-themed costumes will be coming to Fall Guys, including the Cacodemon, the Cyberdemon, and – who else – the Doom Slayer himself. The teaser trailer above also teases what looks to be a new hellish environment based on the game’s aesthetic, so could we also expect new Doom-themed maps in this update too?

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In any case, there is plenty to look forward in Fall Guys heading into 2021, with it still in its third season. Other collaborations it previously did with other IPs include Godzilla and Sonic the Hedgehog.