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Explore Different Kinds Of Worlds In Minecraft: Dungeons!

Minecraft, the game that is well known for being an open sandbox game with no driving plot, is getting exactly that, a game with a driving plot called Minecraft: Dungeon.

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According to developers Mojang, the game is an “action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers.” It will support up to four players, with quests and bosses to face.

Yes, it’ll have a more linear narrative, but there will still be some procedural elements to the game. There will be new weapons, items, mobs, and new environments to explore.

From the trailer, it looks like the game will feature a lot of classic RPG elements. The trailer shows 4 characters in getups of classic RPG characters, like the wizard, the rogue, the paladin, and the knight. There are also plenty of monsters to defeat, including one called Arch-Illager.

If you’re excited for this game, Minecraft: Dungeons is coming to PC in 2019.

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