Ex-Angry Birds Team Launches Science Learning Game – Big Bang Legends

If anyone ever tells you learning is boring and not fun at all, you can throw Big Bang Legends at them and know you have done your job. Born of a partnership between the creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, and the geniuses from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Oxford, Big Bang Legends let you have a good time while learning about particle physics. All for the high price of nothing!

With Lightneer, a Finnish learning game studio at the helm, players can expect to solve puzzles and mazes. You can take on scary antimatter monstrosities and earn collectible rewards, the periodic table will be as familiar as the back of your hand as 118 superpowered characters are ripe for the picking, and they have a few lessons about elements and symbols to teach you.

“Finland and Singapore are world leaders in education and technology, both top the global PISA scores, but with wholly different mindsets. It’s great to launch our first game in Singapore bringing the two leaders together.” – Peter Vesterbacka, Co-Founder of Lightneer.

Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for iOS devices (Android will be coming later this year), you can augment your learning experience with a monthly subscription of just S$1.49. This will grant you access to an ad-free experience, as well as exclusive video content from Oxford professors and the professionals at CERN.

“We want to make the playful and inclusive Finnish model accessible to everybody in the world to get great learning results through fun learning. Five years ago we’d joke that one day we’ll teach quantum physics to five-year-olds. Now we’re seeing five-year-olds playing Big Bang Legends and having conversations about quarks, protons and atoms. It’s pretty amazing.” – Lauri Järvilehto, CEO of Lightneer