Evil Dead Co-Writer Rodo Sayagues To Direct Don’t Breathe 2

Rodo Sayagues is being promoted to the director’s chair for Don’t Breathe 2. Set to film in April 2020, the film will bring back Stephen Lang as The Blind Man. Don’t Breathe‘s director Fede Álvarez, Spider-man’s Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will be producing.

don't breathe

Don’t Breathe was a big hit with critics and earned US$157 million at the global box office to boot. Centred around a group of friends who breaks into the house of a blind man to steal from him, the movie subverted the tropes of a home invasion sub-genre without excessive gore. What the trio soon discover is that the blind man is not as helpless as he seems, and keeps a big disturbing secret, a secret so disturbing that it makes you gag at your own saliva.

don't breathe

The sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be set in real-time, several years after the first movie. The Blind Man finds himself living a quiet life, recovering from his injuries in the first film until his past sins catch up to haunt him. It is unclear if Rocky, Jane Levy’s character and the only lone survivor of the horrors that happened in the house will return. Levy’s character was last seen at the airport with her younger sister leaving for Los Angeles.

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don't breathe

Director Fede Álvarez has been teasing his idea for Don’t Breathe 2 since the first movie premiered in 2016, but has kept details under wraps for four years now. With production starting in April, we should be hearing more about this movie very soon.

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